Bulk Sms/Mail Management

A Leading Bulk Sms/Mail Service Provider in India

Easy-to-use software designed for quick sending of anonymous SMS and SMS mailings via the Internet from your PC or laptop. The program sends SMS messages through the Atomic SMS Sender gateway in order to guarantee the highest SMS delivery rates

SMS software, you can send single messages along with mass SMS right from your PC desktop

This is achieved through efficiently segmenting the target audience and creating personalized email messages that are creative and interactive..

Main Features

Easy-to-use and convenient interface lightweight and professional

  • Bulk Mail

    Only a few minutes separates you from the delivery of your email

  • Marketing tools

    SMS/E-mail Marketig tool for Sending Promotional SMS/Email

  • 24/7 Support

    We have Tutorial, Support Forum, Ticket System, Live Chat Support.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    We have SSL Certififcate for our software, so your information is encrypted and safe with us.